Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simple Seven

One: Friday night Chad and I went to Jack Quinn's for dinner. We had an appetizer, bread and salads, our entrees, and dessert. And let me just tell you, I have litterally been dreaming about our app! It was Irish pub stout beef crostinis. It was this delicious beef and onion covered in gravy on little pieces of toasted bread. Then, they had this amazing blue cheese cream to drizzle on top. I can't even tell you how delicious it was!!
Two: I'm still waiting to hear when the CT appointment will be for Wylie.
Three: my grandmother broke her hip yesterday. :( I wish I could go visit her.
Four: Chad is now going to be leaving for Germany at the beginning of April, instead of the beginning of May.
Five: my parents are going to try to come out and visit mid-April, and then hopefully Jarvs can come out and visit in May.
Six: I've decided I like pampers diapers better than huggies. It seems like the huggies fill up and then leak very quickly. We've had more mishaps with them than with the pampers. Oh well - I'm not looking the free diaper gift horse in the mouth!
Seven: Wylie will have his next Well Baby appointment the beginning of March. I can't believe how fast he's growing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

CT Scan Update, part deux

Update part II: I called the pediatrician's office and explained the whole situation. His records still aren't scanned in but dr. Watson is going the call and have them sent directly to her and then order the CT scan. On a development note, Wylie is really coming along! Two nights ago, I removed the bassinet part of the pack and play as he was getting too long for it. Now he's sleeping in the pack and play itself, albeit at the raised setting. As long as I swaddle him tightly, he sleeps pretty well. We'll probably have him sleep in our room for a few more weeks before moving him into his crib. It's bittersweet; he's growing so fast! He's also been getting tummy time and is doing really well at supporting his neck and lifting his head up while on his stomach. We're trying to get him to find sleep on his own (i.e. Let him fall asleep) instead of having to coax him to sleep all the time. So far, it's an uphill battle, lol. He's recently started drooling on everything, and he's started to gnaw on our hands/fingers while we're holding him. He's also starting to move into his 3-6 month clothes, instead of just his 0-3 stuff. Ok, so there's just a quick update. And BTW: I love the mobile blogging!

CT Scan Update

Update: so apparently his pediatrician will have to enter the order. Which is great, because she doesn't have any of his records! Argh! So instead of waiting for some retard on post to decide to work, I ordered copies of the records and I will just bring them to her myself. I was worried that this was going to happen...

CT Scan, Anyone?

So today, since I couldn't find the paperwork from the hospital, I called the scheduling system to find out when Wylie's CT scan will be. They don't have the order for it, so I'm waiting to hear back from MFM on what to do now. The best part is that when I took him in for his two-month Well Baby appointment, no one from Tricare had scanned his records in yet. It was awesome - his pediatrician didn't have any of the information yet on the CCAM. I love how so many of the people who work on post, both military and civilian, just phone it in. Thank you, morons, for making a potentially difficult situation even more stressful. I'll update once I know what's going on with the CT appt.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mobile Posting

So I've enabled posting via my phone through texts. I'll be testing this out for a little while to see if I like it. I'm not exactly certain how the posts will show up or if they'll be cohesive. But I am sorry for the long lapse in posts. I'll be posting again soon once I see how this post is displayed. Bear with me :)