Monday, January 25, 2010

CT Scan Update, part deux

Update part II: I called the pediatrician's office and explained the whole situation. His records still aren't scanned in but dr. Watson is going the call and have them sent directly to her and then order the CT scan. On a development note, Wylie is really coming along! Two nights ago, I removed the bassinet part of the pack and play as he was getting too long for it. Now he's sleeping in the pack and play itself, albeit at the raised setting. As long as I swaddle him tightly, he sleeps pretty well. We'll probably have him sleep in our room for a few more weeks before moving him into his crib. It's bittersweet; he's growing so fast! He's also been getting tummy time and is doing really well at supporting his neck and lifting his head up while on his stomach. We're trying to get him to find sleep on his own (i.e. Let him fall asleep) instead of having to coax him to sleep all the time. So far, it's an uphill battle, lol. He's recently started drooling on everything, and he's started to gnaw on our hands/fingers while we're holding him. He's also starting to move into his 3-6 month clothes, instead of just his 0-3 stuff. Ok, so there's just a quick update. And BTW: I love the mobile blogging!

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  1. yay for the new posts! not so nice they don't have titles :)