Monday, November 30, 2009

4 Weeks Already?!

Wow.  I can hardly believe that it's been four weeks since I went to the hospital to have Wylie.  We are so blessed to have our little boy.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to figure out how to get things done during the day with Wylie while Chad's at work.  I just got my Moby wrap today and tried it out - felt a little awkward trying to wrap that much fabric around myself, but it felt pretty okay when I got Wylie settled into it to see how it would work out.  It's going to take a couple more times before I feel completely comfortable with it, but I'm pretty excited about it!

We had a great Thanksgiving with my parents here.  I used one of those Turkey bags to cook the turkey and it was SUPER moist!  It went well with the little guy and getting the dinner ready, but of course, I have my parents to thank for that.  They've been so helpful being here and taking care of the baby so Chad and I can get things done.

I'm really going to miss them when they leave either Wednesday or Thursday.  And then Chad leaves Sunday for 11 days.  Sigh.  Oh well - such is life!  Got to go change and feed the boy then get dinner started.  I'll try to post again soon!


  1. 1. taking advantage of the rents in order to get online i see... very sneaky... very smart!
    2. moist is a gross word, you should never use it
    3. where are all the pictures?!?!?
    4. that santa on the right is scary and must go away now!

  2. 1. Yes. But now I have no one to take advantage of to get online, so I must sneak the boy into the bassinet after he falls asleep from feeding so I can snag some online time on my actual computer. Otherwise, you will notice most facebook updates are posted via my iPhone!
    2. Should I have said juicy?
    3. As I still don't have a camera of my own (actually, I do, I just have no idea where the charger is and I can't tell you the last time I synced my iPhone and blogger doesn't like to import facebook photos for me right now), photos are still forthcoming...
    4. Check.