Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Wish an Apple a Day Kept the Doctor Away

So last Thursday, Chad and I took Wylie to see the pediatric surgeon.  The CCAM is still present in the lung, and it is in the central portion of the chest, rather than sitting on the outside right under the ribs.  At this point, the surgeon has requested an x-ray at 6 months and then surgery sometime around a year of age. The surgery will most likely consist of a small incision between the ribs and removing the cyst via that incision.  The location of the cyst will make the surgery more tricky, but he said that it should go very well.

So, that's the update on the health situation.  Wylie does have a Well Baby check on March 4, so there will be more baby goodness to come.  :)

And, I got a new camera this weekend!  Except it came with the wrong battery charger, so I'm waiting for the correct one to come in the mail.  Grr.

This Thursday, Wylie and I will be leaving for Florida to go visit my grandmother.  Mind you, I called my grandfather and told him the evening I purchased my ticket that we would be coming.  But apparently, my grandmother didn't remember that we were coming.  Yikes.  Should be interesting...

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