Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick journey through the thoughts of a harried woman...

So, I was reading my friend Kristi's blog and noticed that she had a list of freebies she got for her birthday recently.  I thought, WTH, especially since Chad's going to be gone for my birthday again this year.  So I created a junkmail account and signed up for a ton of free birthday offers!  Among some of these are Red Robin, Old Navy, ColdStone, and Helzberg Diamonds!  So I'll have to let you know how successful I was at gaining free stuff when my birthday rolls around (which, btw is May 28, in case you needed to add that to your calendar).

Anyway, Wylie is so adorable.  But he's weird too, which I should have expected, especially because he's a combination of both Chad and myself.  Ergo: WEIRD.  For instance, when he's feeding, I'd say at least once a day he clamps down on the nipple, starts grunting and pulling his head away - with the nipple still in his mouth.  So I unlatch him and put him up to my shoulder to burp him, but that's not what he wants either.  I don't know - maybe he's just going nuts?  It's so weird!  And his smiles are so cute!  Still trying to get one on film, but he's too fricking cute people.

On a completely different note: I LOVE the pack'n'play!  I finally, FINALLY put the batteries in the little electric things that come with it.  One is a bassinet vibrator and the other is the controller for that/the sound maker.  It totally keeps him from screaming when I put him back in it after a changing so I can wash my hands.  And when he wakes up about 5 am just for kicks and giggles, I pretty much just have to pop his paci in his mouth, turn on the vibrator and it usually lulls him right back into oblivion.  I'm TOTALLY kicking myself for not having done that earlier.  It's for sure a godsend.

And tonight is going to be my first experience bathing the boy by myself.  Should be a good time all around.  If I remember, I'll maybe post about that later.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize for the grotesquely unorganized, stream-of-consciousness posts lately.  But if you've ever been in my shoes (i.e. New Mother), you know how it is.  Deal.  :)  Happy Friday!

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