Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's My Own Damn Fault

Well, I had an epiphany today. I know, I know - for someone so smart, I can sure be dense. I gave Wylie his bath tonight (that was the product of another epiphany from yesterday), cuddled him, greased him up (poor boy has Momma's dry-patch sensitive skin), diapered and dressed him, then brought him downstairs to roll around on his quilt for a little bit. When he started fussing, I scooped him up and brought him upstairs to his room where I fed him, told him a story, and rocked him until 7. Then I put him down in his crib, gave him his paci, turned on the seahorse, and shut the door.

I went downstairs and listened to him fuss twice before I heard not another peep. And what was my little epiphany I had today? Well, the fact that Wylie has had no bedtime routine! So, here is my goal: start Wylie on the road to bedtime each day by 6 pm. He obviously can't have a bath each day (Colorado + dry-patch sensitive skin = sandpaper skin), but I can wash his hair each day (which will help to curb cradle cap), and I can definitely grease him up each day and give him an infant massage in the process. So the end result will be bedtime by 7 pm. I think this will help him to go down more smoothly each night and hopefully, stretch out his sleep times (fingers crossed!).

My other epiphany? Wylie didn't like bath time anymore because he didn't like being reclined for it! I figured out how to take the infant bar out of the baby tub so he could sit for his bath and he liked it much more. He splashed and kicked the whole time, instead of crying. Duh, momma.

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