Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seven Mostly Quick Takes

ONE: I love the Steam Mop. It is awesome. It could quite possibly bring me great amounts of joy - from cleaning.

TWO: The faster the months flip by, the more conflicted I feel. On one hand, it brings me closer to seeing loved ones and family back in MI again. It brings me closer to seeing Chad again {sigh}. But it also brings me closer to seeing my precious little boy cut open. And that is TERRIFYING.

THREE: Got my pyrex! Agenda for tomorrow night? Making small lasagna portions (pre-baking stage) for the freezers. So much healthier than those Stouffer's ones I was buying! But you know what? I'm totally using cottage cheese. Is it traditional? No. But you know what? I like the little melted curds. I love melted cheese. Better yet? Burnt melted cheese. YUM!

FOUR: The Vampire Diaries season finale was tonight. And boy, did they ever do a great job creating a cliff hanger!

FIVE: I'm so sad that the TV/DVD combo in my bedroom is holding one of my Futurama DVDs hostage. It also refuses to listen to any of my commands (via the buttons people. No, I am not yelling at the effin TV).

SIX: I am soon going to join the ranks of women everywhere who sell Avon. So excited!!

SEVEN: In the last week, Wylie has
  • pulled himself up to standing
  • stayed standing on his own long enough for me to take a picture
  • figured out how to crawl
  • said, "Mama"
  • raised his arms above his head while sitting on his own
If he plans to continue on this track at this pace, I'm in for hell before Chad gets back home.


  1. Wow, talk about your over-achiever.
    And maybe try yelling at the TV. Sometimes it helps!

  2. one. i will totally let you use your steam mop to clean my house.
    two. i am more than excited to see you & wylie again soon.
    three. burnt melted cheese rocks my socks.
    four. i got nothin.
    five. now Lacey, you know you are totally screaming at the tv...
    six. fun stuff - free samples?
    seven. cliche but they grow up too fast ;)

  3. Christina - I'm totally impressed by your Seven Quick Responses!