Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forehead SLAP!

So, I was reading my friend Kristi's blog today, and I'm seething with envy. You see, she blogged about this awesome idea - when you take your photos of your baby's milestones, you put these sweet stickers on the chest of a plain onesie so you can see just by looking at the photo how old your darling is. She (the sticker lady) also makes awesome stickers to paste on your baby bump for those commemorative photos too. Such a simple idea, and yet, she had it first! So jealous.

To top it off, Kristi is doing a giveaway of these sweet stickers! So, you could use them for yourself or to give to a recently prego friend as a gift. If you're interested in entering, check out Kristi's blog, via the link I provided above, and follow the steps. :) Good luck!


  1. did you just enter the giveaway contest by way of this post hmmm? ;)

  2. No, I entered via ALL the steps she had :) But this post was definitely one way to enter :)