Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doctors' Appointments and IDIOTS

So today I had my doctors' appointments (more to come on the idiots).  Munchkin is head down, which is a good thing because it seems like lately, every night, he moves down into my pelvis, only to return in the morning to kicking me in the ribs.  I'm not joking - I feel like a little kid who has to pee.  You know the kids I'm talking about.  They stick their hand between their legs, cross their legs, and proceed to do the pee-pee dance.  That's exactly how I feel every night.  And it's not like I've been standing all evening when this happens.  I'm usually hanging out on the couch with my feet up!  Oh, and I may have reconsidered my stance on the epidural - considering that I've had a few actual painful contractions in the last couple of days.  Sure, I've been feeling the Braxton-Hicks, but last night I had two that were eye-opening.  LOL  So anyway, I brought these two things up to the midwife during my OB check today, and she says, "Good."  Good??  Excuse me?  Good??  I feel like I'm literally going to sit on my son's head.  Oh well, I guess, thinking rationally, or as rational as my pregnant brain will let me be, it is a good thing because my body is doing what its supposed to, but DUDE.  IT'S SOOO WEIRD.  Anyway, things are still looking good on the ultrasound (CCAM is still present but does not appear to be growing), and Munchkin is starting to fatten up nicely.  Hahahaha.  Little chunky monkey.  I can't wait to see him!!  Well, see him outside of my stomach and not on an ultrasound screen.

If you look closely in this one, you can see that he's sticking his tongue out just a little bit.  :)

Okay, those are my warm fuzzies.  :)  Now, onto the idiots.

Idiot #1: The hospital valets.  I had to wait 10 minutes in line behind a ton of cars; I tried to pull up and park it so that I could get out and get inside to my appointment.  I get the car parked, and turn it off.  Then this dumb blonde, after watching me sit in my car and then finally pull up and park it, comes over to me and asks me to move my car.  Uhm, hi.  YOU COULDN'T HAVE ASKED ME THAT BEFORE I MANEUVERED MYSELF OVER HERE????  ARGH!
Idiot #2: An entire family in the MFM waiting room.  I come out to sit in the waiting room after my ultrasound while they prep the room for my non-stress test.  The waiting room is full at this point, with the exception of two chairs.  This entire STUPID family is spread around the waiting room, talking to each other.  I had to sit next to the slow adult who kept exclaiming loudly that he wanted spaghetti and next to the matriarch who turned the tv to Roseanne.  Really?  Ew.  I felt like I needed to wash.
Idiot #3: A woman in the waiting area talking loudly enough on her cell phone for the people of Cuba to hear her.  Oh, and she cut in line, in front of me, to turn in her valet ticket.  She also STOOD in front of perfectly empty seats to sit in in the waiting area.  She stood there blocking seats that people, like me, could have sat in while waiting.  I had to listen to that stupid woman talking on her cell phone, excuse me, I meant YELLING on her cell phone, for 15 minutes while I waited for my car.  She was talking about how her husband had just gotten orders for here at Fort Carson (they must have just PCSd here) and how if he went to one unit he would be leaving for Afghanistan in a week but if he went to another he would be leaving for Afghanistan in a year.  And God help me for it, but I hoped that her husband was leaving for Afghanistan next week.  I know that's terrible of me.  But I was THISCLOSE to shoving her cell phone down her throat.

I swear, I can pinpoint the decline of American society on politicians.  You see, politicians mistakenly see idiots as an endangered species which needs to be protected by legislation.  Take, for instance, seat belt laws.  What is the point of seatbelt laws?  Why, to save lives, you answer.  Yes.  But really, as a literate and learned adult, do you really need a LAW to tell you that you should wear your seatbelt?  Probably not.  However, Bucktooth Billy does need a seatbelt law to tell him to buckle up.  So he puts his seatbelt on when he climbs behind the wheel of his '91 Ford pickup, drunk.  He crashes into a tree on his way home from the local bar, harming no one.  Since he was wearing his seatbelt, he didn't go flying through the windshield and crack his head open, killing himself.  Now, he's a death-defying hero, and, well, Sally Jean can't help but adore him for being a "hero" so Bucktooth Billy knocks her up, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle of stupidity.  See what I mean?  These people are everywhere you look.  We literate and learned adults would be much better off without all of these freaking idiots walking around.  I urge you - survey your life and see how many people you think would still be alive if it weren't for Idiot-saving laws and norms in society.

Sorry, that's my rant against idiots.  As a more pleasant parting thought, I just wanted to show you proof that my little furry boy, Calvin, is trying to cram in some last-minute quality time with his "Momma".  It's almost like he knows his world is going to be turned upside-down inside of a month.

My poor Pooh Bear.  I think he's really going to miss being a Momma's Boy when the Munchkin makes his debut.  Hopefully  he adjusts well and doesn't hate me afterward.


  1. Nice pics! And yay that Munchkin is doing what he is supposed to :) Not happy for your dealings with "idiots" today. Going to the hospital is usually stressful enough in itself no matter what it is for.

  2. I'm used to going to the hospital by now, lol. That part isn't the worst (it's where the MFM clinic is located). 2x/week visits tend to desensitize :)