Friday, October 9, 2009

Quick Vent

I just watched an episode of A Baby Story on TLC and I wanted to reach through the tv and strangle this woman.  It was the mom-to-be's mother.  The woman was having her second child via induction and her mother and in-laws were walking up to the room and her mother was freaking out about not being able to find the L&D room (they were like 10 feet down the hall).  That was annoyance #1.  Then she gets into the room and gets all emotional because she simply sees her daughter lying in the bed.  It wasn't even a dramatic induction - she was only at like 2 cm.  Then they decided to do a c-section because the baby didn't want to be induced and the mother sat in the waiting area and all she could talk about was how she wanted to know what was happening and she didn't like this because she didn't know what was going on.  Seriously lady, SHUT UP!

Sorry - got really annoyed and had to share.  LOL

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