Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So, today I went for my 38 week check, a growth ultrasound, and my non-stress test.  First, let me just tell you all right off the bat - there has been no progress since last week.  I'm still 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  He's still head down, and somehow, he's managed to get his foot up by his face.  Don't ask me how.  Apparently, both of his feet are right up there.  Maybe we should've nicknamed him Bean this whole time instead of Munchkin if he's going to be all curled up like that.

Now, and this might be the *best* part (that's sarcasm): the u/s tech was taking the measurements on the ultrasound and when she measured his head, she says (and I quote): "Wow."  Excuse me, what?  Apparently, our son has quite the dome on him.  She said that is the major reason why he's measuring 7 pounds 2 ounces.  Yikes.  So sometime in the next two weeks (please GOD!!!) I'm going to be pushing a 7+ pound kid with a large dome out of my body.  Great.

Speaking of, since there were no new changes in the cervix, induction talk has been tabled (not that I was really considering it - I haven't heard many positive experiences of it).  And it's grey outside right now and apparently we're supposed to get enough snow tomorrow and Thursday to pretty much snow us in.

Oh, and I got my H1N1 vaccine today, which means tomorrow I can look forward to not just snow but a bruised and sore upper left arm.

In the words of Pepe Le Pew: Le sigh.


  1. Ok so NEVER listen to the U/S techs. They have a tendency to say very inappropriate [and WRONG] things. And you appear to be right on schedule... I know you are ready for it to be done but being "on schedule" is a good thing in this case so patience my dear!

  2. I know. And I don't want him to be a half-baked little bun. But I'm so sick of my body being a duplex! I just want it to be a single-person body again!! Sigh.

    And I know that the techs are generally inappropriate with comments. Frankly, I was surprised she said anything at all. I thought that they weren't supposed to comment on things like that anymore. But who knows. I just want my healthy baby boy. I want him to come out when he's ready. I just think it would be awesome if he was ready Friday night or Saturday morning. :)

  3. PS - his head was 12 1/2 inches. Definitely not little.