Monday, October 12, 2009


I just saw a lipstick ad for Colorsensational (I think it was that one).  And the colors look soo beautiful and the lipstick looks so smooth, and I'm ALMOST tempted to go buy some (I have a thing for lip products).  But then I think, it's lipstick.  No matter what kind of honey you put in it, it's still going to DRY AS A DESERT!  But this commercial - it's taunting me, you guys.  You don't even understand.  My lips are so dry and the lips in the commercial look so moisturized!  I have to fight temptation.  I wish I could get a little  sample size.  But I want to buy some.  Stupid ad people.  I don't even like lipstick.  It's always waxy and feels good at first but then feels like someone taped toilet paper over your lips.  GAH!!  Must....stay....strong!

Anyone else see ads for things they know they don't like but are tempted by anyway?


  1. This is why I only ever wear chap stick unless its a special occasion!

  2. Me too, but the lipstick on this commercial - it looks so tempting! But I WILL remain strong, lol