Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where's My Receipt?

So, I've read all about the nesting instinct going into overdrive.  I believe mine is broken or defective.  Or maybe I'm simply too tired.  Sure, there's lots I want to get done around the house, but I'm having a Terrible Time trying to find the energy to get it all done!  I would totally exchange my nesting instinct for a new one.  LOL

Meanwhile, I recently started commenting and reading in the community.  Wow.  I think that's almost as big a problem for me as facebook!  Maybe I just have a total internet addiction.  Of course, it is an inexpensive way to connect with other people, and considering the weather lately, it's way safer than driving (still have icy snow on the ground here).

My cousin has recently started batting around the idea of coming to visit after Munchkin is born to help out with the baby and just give me some support here.  Frankly, I'm completely Ecstatic about this.  I'd get to see my two baby cousins (her sons) and she may even bring another one of our cousins with her.  So I would get to spend some quality time with my family (who I miss dreadfully right now) and get some help with the boy-o.  My mother-in-law also asked today if they (she and my FIL) could come out for the week of Christmas (duh! Of course!), then she mentioned how she might come out a week before that just to spend some time with me and the baby (she also wants to take us shopping to buy more stuff for him - she LOVES to shop), so that would be awesome as well.  I love my MIL and get along with her really well.

So, again, I guess this is another one of those mysterious ways - I've been feeling so alone lately and now I have people who are asking to come help out after the baby is born.  I am truly lucky to be so loved by my family and friends!


  1. really hoping things work out for a visit!

  2. Me too!! Oh yeah, the nesting thing didn't kick in for me until about 24 hours prior to labor! LOL Lots of time to get things done then! :) J/K