Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, living so far away from family and friends, I know that there is going to be great demand for photos - lots and lots of photos!  I recently decided how I wanted to solve this dilemma: I started a photobucket account.

I chose photobucket because you can choose photos from the site that you like and order them to be printed at your local Target.  Then you would go to your Target store's photo department and pick them up just like regular photos.  This will be especially helpful for us to get some pictures to our not-so-computer-savvy relatives.  It also means that you don't need to have a photo printer to have nice photos of our little boy!  Obviously, there aren't any photos uploaded right now - those will come when the baby does.  But I will definitely pass along the information to the photo albums once we start posting some up there.  :)

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