Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthing Class Bummer

So, we won't be able to attend the free birthing class offered through Evans (the Army post hospital) due to Chad's schedule. But, thankfully, there is a one-session birthing class offered through the hospital where I'll be delivering - for $75! It's an 8-hour class too, offered on Sundays. Oh well - what can we do? It's just the way the cookie crumbles. We weren't even eligible to start signing up for the childbirth classes until this month, and we were in Chicago for the first offering, Chad had his grandfather's funeral/memorial during this current offering, and the next two, he'll be off for training. Then, it's crunch time, so yeah.

In regards to the insurance, it, of course, is a billing issue. The hospital, when it submitted the information to receive a pre-authorization for my appointments, specified a doctor. However, I wasn't seen by that doctor during my appointments (thus far). Therefore, when they submitted the billing, they said which doctor I had seen, which of course wasn't the doctor who was pre-authorized, so TriCare isn't paying for the non-pre-authorized doctor's office fees. GRR! So I thanked the TriCare claims lady for explaining to me, and then I called Memorial. Still waiting to hear back from them. Which should be fun, because this bill was only for one visit, the first one, and on the three visits I've had since then, I also haven't seen the doctor who was specified in the pre-authorization paperwork, so I imagine I get to deal with this quite a bit over the next couple of months. Great. Great, great, great!


  1. That is the most assinine excuse I have ever heard from TRICARE to date! Most physicians work in GROUPS implying that your care will be same/similar no matter what physician you have from that group! I have a feeling Memorial won't be able to change it but maybe knows a way to get around it?

  2. I'm hoping. I'm still waiting to hear back from the actual biller at this point. :(