Sunday, September 13, 2009

Munchkin's Wardrobe

So, today I decided to wash all of the baby's things. I came to some realizations.

We have a ton of onesies, some sleepers, and only two pairs of pants, which are red. LOL It's a good thing we plan on swaddling, but I'm thinking I should probably buy a couple of pairs of pants in the blue family.

Three Months:
We have a TON of 3 mos. clothes. I think the window on that size is pretty much closed. Although, they do go through a ton of clothes, so yeah....

Six Months:
We've got a few sleepers, some shorts sets, quite a few onesies, could maybe stand to buy a few more pants/shorts to mix'n'match with onesies, but we've got a little ways to go on those.

Nine Months:
He's got two sleepers. That's it. Wow. Will really need to shop for that size grouping!!!

Twelve Months:
He's got one Chicago Bears romper/onesie set and two Milwaukee Brewers onesies.

After that..... we've got nada.

For other stuff, I've got two hooded towels, three bath mitts, a pile of bibs, no socks, and a few hats. So yeah, I've got to get some more that I should get. Not to mention all of the stuff still on the registry. My mom and I did make a dent the registries last week, since all we really had things-wise was the crib and a high chair. So my mom and I both bought quite a few things off the registry because I've been kind of freaking out over the fact that I've currently got 8 weeks left. So between the two of us, we got the travel system, the pack-n-play the baby bath, the diaper genie, the breast pump accessories (still lacking the breast pump, though), the changing pad, the changing pad covers, the Boppy, Boppy cover, diapering station organizer, extra base for infant car seat, some burp cloths, and some other things too. Still don't have the swing, or bouncy seat, or play mat, or similar items, so I guess we'll have to see what we see.

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  1. The swing, bouncy seat and play mat can wait for a couple months! All Ethan did was scream in any of them. Although we did discover swaddling and putting the swing on fast would work at times! LOL