Monday, September 21, 2009

But Wait, There's More...

So I just got a phone call from Memorial's HealthLink System. The birthing class we registered for (for this coming Sunday) was canceled. So now we don't get a birthing class at all. Great.

I'm only a first time mother. I have read all I can read about labor and birth, but I would really like the benefit of a birthing class. But thanks to his f*d up work schedule, the only day that we could attend a class, it's been cancelled. So now, it's either take a class and have one of my "friends" go with me, to act as a labor coach for me, which I don't want because I don't want any of them in the birthing room with me because I don't feel that close to them, or go without. So I'm going without a birthing class because the only other options in Colorado Springs are six- and eight- week classes, which we don't have time for. So Chad is going to have no clue how to be helpful in the labor and delivery room and I'm probably going to wind up having an epidural, WHICH I DON'T WANT!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to express how angry I am right now.

Let me recap, since I woke up this morning: I found out that no one is addressing the insurance problems and I had to make more phone calls on that, my appointment which was supposed to be a reschedule isn't even going to happen until 3 weeks before I'm due (which prompts me to caustically ask, what's the F*ing point of even seeing the doctor then), I have to go to the SAME PLACE multiple times in one day because my appointments are spread several hours apart on the same day, the birthing class we were supposed to go to this Sunday has been canceled, and there's no other birthing class we can attend because of Chad's work schedule. F*ing fantastic.

I should never have gotten out of bed this morning. If this continues, I'll have a broken leg by sundown. Or who knows - maybe I'll go into labor, have complications, have to have a c-section, and have my son wind up in the NICU. It would be so fitting. F M L.

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