Thursday, September 17, 2009

Insurance Follies

So, the only reason that I'm going to Memorial for the remainder of my pregnancy care and for labor and delivery is because Evans classified me as a high-risk pregnancy and referred me there. I crossed all my Ts and dotted all my Is and yesterday, I got a bill in the mail from Memorial for $100! WTF?! I was told that as long as I followed the appropriate avenues, since this was a referral, that everything would be taken care of. And now, I see that it's not. That bill from Memorial, by the way, is only for the first appointment. I've already had 3 more ultrasounds since then (which is what the first appt. was for) and I'm approved for 12 more. Not to mention the perinatal consults, the OB consults and appts, the testing, the neonatal consults, and the pediatric surgery consults. WTF am I supposed to do? I wouldn't even be going to Memorial if Evans hadn't insisted on it, and even doing everything I was supposed to to make sure that my appointments are approved before I keep them and before I schedule them, and now I'm getting screwed!!


This is one of the big reasons that I'm awake at 4:30 this morning. :( Not cool. That, and I'm worried about the fact that because of Chad's schedule, he may not be able to attend the birthing classes with me. That's absolutely great if that's the case, because if you read my post yesterday, I don't have anyone out here who I would want to be able to stand in for him. So I'm just biding my time until he wakes up this morning and I can double-check some dates with him. I'm going to lose it if he can't go to the birthing class with me. So far, he hasn't been able to go to any of my appointments with me except for one at the beginning, and now he might not be able to attend the one class that I really need to him to go to with me. Can you say stressed? I'll be updating when I get a chance to let you know how the insurance stuff goes and whether or not Chad's able to attend the birthing classes with me. Who knows, I may not be taking a birthing class after all. :( That would be so comforting, considering that I've done this before. GRRR!!!

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