Friday, September 11, 2009

A Very Blustery Day!

If any of you are A.A. Milne fans, you get my titular reference. :) I woke up to the sounds of winds blowing past the house. Literally - that's what woke me up! Not the need to go to the bathroom, for once.

Meanwhile - I got the first of the stuff I ordered from my own registry yesterday. I've been trying to wait patiently because I was hoping that I would have a baby shower out here with my friends, but frankly, I couldn't wait any longer. I'm already just over 31w pregnant, and no one has said anything about throwing me a shower, so I'm guessing it's just not going to happen. Which is fine and dandy, but there were a lot of things we needed that we didn't have at all. Until Monday morning, we had the crib, a high chair, and a toddler car seat. Nothing else other than some clothes, bibs, etc. Not exactly very comforting as I feel like I'm entering my nesting phase. And no, that's apparently not just a rumor - it apparently is a genetic throwback to our wild ancestors and was not eliminated during evolution. Just as other animals frenetically prepare a nest, so do humans! Anyway, the pack 'n' play arrived yesterday, and I immediately set about setting it up to make sure everything worked. I'm sure Chad will yell at me when he comes back, because it's now up in our bedroom, where the baby will use it as his bed for the first little while so that he's within easy reach. But I didn't carry it up there in one piece (which would have meant that it weighs 32 lbs.) - I carried it up there bit by bit. I would say, in that method, it only weighed about 10 lbs, max. But he'll still probably throw a fit! LOL Ah, the curse of having a loving hubby.

I also picked up the baby bath tub and the diaper genie (in-store only purchases) and am still waiting on the travel system (which my mom ordered), the Boppy, the dressertop diaper depot, the changing pad, changing pad covers (thanks Mom!), and several other things as well. My mom did order me the breast pump accessories, but the breast pump hasn't been ordered yet, so that's going to be interesting! LOL It's a big ticket item ($$$), so I'm hoping that we'll be able to budget that in before he gets to be about a month old (which is the recommendation before you start pumping - make sure your milk is established before you start making mechanical demands on it).

Speaking of breast milk, and subsequently, breastfeeding, there is so much to read! I found a really great website, written by a woman who has been breastfeeding for the better part of a decade (can you imagine?!): I'm looking forward to taking the breastfeeding course offered through Fort Carson (which is free - the breastfeeding class through Memorial Health System (where I will now be delivering) is $35.00 per couple!), and my friend Kate, who had her son Jackson at the beginning of July, said that it was really good. I looked into other classes from MHS too, and they all cost money. Not that I'm a cheapskate (entirely, but I am Dutch, lol), but if there's a quality class offered that I can take for free, I think I'm going to be taking part in the free classes!! I still have the breastfeeding class to take, and then we have the infant safety and care and the childbirth preparation classes too.

Meanwhile, I think that's about it for now. I wound up waking up much earlier than I had planned, thanks to the crazy winds blowing around outside right now, so I thought I would blog a little bit, even though I only have two people who are reading, lol.

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