Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unfortunate Circumstances

I was reading my email this morning when I saw a headline (gotta love Yahoo! News).  First, read this, then continue reading here.

I'm originally from MI.  I had a great experience growing up there.  My family still lives there.  Will I ever move back there?  Realistically - no.  (Sorry Mom.)  The state is dying - property values have fallen, jobs are disappearing, crime is ridiculous.  It has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.  When we move back home, it will be more like moving back to the Great Lakes region (i.e. Most likely the Chicago area).  Anyway, so things are really tight in Michigan for a lot of families.  So some woman gets a bee in her bonnet about her neighbor BEING A GOOD SAMARITAN and making sure that some local kids are safe while they wait to catch the bus.  But that's not the worst - the worst is that the state has a law, obviously meant to protect children, which is being sorely misapplied in this case.  It's just sad, and once I read it online, I had to share it here.  Feel free to comment along here at the bottom - I'm interested in your viewpoints!

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