Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to the Crib

Well, I'm trying Wylie in his crib for a nap again. And so far, he's approaching the half-hour mark. I've discovered that if I stand by the side of the crib or the pack'n'play where he can see me, he usually drops off pretty quickly. Of course, that's only when I put him down still pretty awake. You know, he's at the point where he's tired enough to laugh-cry and rub his eyes, but his eyes aren't droopy. So I rocked him a little bit, then I swaddled him up TIGHTLY, popped the paci in his mouth, and turned on his seahorse. I stood where he could see me and watched as the eyelids got very heavy and then slammed shut. Poor baby. So tired.

So the plan is to try the rest of his naps today in the crib, and then maybe leg one of nighttime sleep. It'll be weird when he's no longer sleeping in our room with me. Ah, there he is now, just shy of a forty-minute nap. Off I go to get the baby. :)

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