Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good friends, good times

So went up to Denver today to go to my friend and former mentor's baby shower.  It was so great to see her!  It's been almost a year, maybe more, since I last saw her.  She had gotten a different job during last school year, so she was at a different school.  Then her father up in Denver got really sick and died suddenly so she and her hubby moved in with her mother to help with the house payment (her father didn't have life insurance).  So it's been quite some time since I've seen her.  It was awesome to see her and her sisters and mother today.  But it kind of made me sad.  I wish that I could see her more, but since she's an administrator now, her work schedule is crazy.  Not to mention, you know, that she lives in Denver.  But hopefully we'll be able to keep in touch better.  I really do miss having her here in town - she was the person I was closest to here outside of Chadley.

But, I digress - it was so nice to be at her baby shower.  She received so many beautiful, handmade gifts.  She also received lots of little helpful things, like the fold 'n' go diaper kit or the forehead scanner thermometer.  She got a ton of other things too.  It was nice to see so many people there to celebrate her and the baby.  But I do have to say, Jenn is hilarious.  She is clueless about babies and baby stuff!  She held up a package of onesies and paused because she couldn't tell what they were.  I guess she let her husband do most of the registry.  Most people would say that's a bad thing, but you don't know her hubby - he's really the feminine personality in the relationship.  And he did good, let me tell you from having scanned the registry.

So, out of all of these handy dandy gifts, what did I get her?  Well, I got her a diaper cake.  That I made. It's wasn't totally pretty, I don't think, but I guess it was pretty good for a first effort.  You decide:

Meanwhile, I totally haven't posted any of the pictures from our Wisconsin trip.  So, here are photos of my adorable baby!

Meanwhile, there aren't any viable pictures of the teeth yet, nor is there viable video of the little tyke rolling over.  Oh yeah, did I mention that Chad bought me a Kodak Zi8?  So as soon as there is viable video, you can bet that I'll be sharing it!  Hope you enjoyed the photos, Internet!

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