Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where's the Beef? Right Here!

My beef right now: I just viewed this video about how the flight attendants association is getting miffed about all the carry-on baggage and the fact that they are sustaining injuries from people incorrectly using the carry-on bag to pack everything. I don't disagree with that. Especially since I'm pretty much a SouthWest airlines convert. Hello, traveling with a baby requires a TON of stuff. Two free bags per ticketed passenger? Hell yes. That combined with SouthWest's Wanna Get Away fares and you really can't beat it. Even with driving from here to Denver to get the cheaper fare - even with driving and parking, I'm still saving money. Sorry, I got sidetracked.

Back to the video content. This "reporter" is saying that with the baggage fees, more and more people are carrying everything they can on (Duh! Have you seen unemployment rates??). But she made a comment about people carrying on things like coats and food and that those things make for an unsafe flight. Really? My breakfast bagel creates an unsafe flight? Are you effing kidding me? So, if I fly from Denver, and I have a layover of, say, an hour before catching my second flight to my final destination, I have to eat in the airport? But what if my first flight is late? You want, me, a nursing mother, to go six hours without eating during the day when my child is nursing more? You're on crack. You complain about people having bad attitudes on flights? Has anybody thought that maybe everyone is suffering from massively low blood sugar? And that is compounded by the problem that most airlines offer NOTHING snack-wise on board anymore. No wonder everyone hates flying - everyone has low blood sugar and had to walk around on the gross airport floor with no shoes and their pants sagging because they had to have their belt scanned. Thank you so much, TSA, for subjecting us to security theater. That's right. I said it. Obviously, scanning my belt and my .05 ounces of hand sanitizer and my chap stick have prevented people like this guy from trying to blow up his own crotch on a plane. Oh, and that 76-year-old lady you just chose for extra screening probably has an explosive in the beaded chain holding her glasses around her neck.

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