Thursday, March 11, 2010

Children's Chapter Books

Okay, so to continue my last thought from my previous post, I'm really looking forward to Wylie being able to enjoy being read a chapter from a book at night before going to bed.  That said, I don't want him to grow up.  LOL  I love him being a little guy and wanting to cuddle when he gets tired.  I hope that he doesn't outgrow that.

Meanwhile, back to the books.  There are several chapter books that I enjoyed when I was younger.  I know it'll be a while before I can enjoy these again with Wylie, but I got to thinking about them nonetheless.  I just thought that I would share some of these with you because I always liked them.

There are more, I'm sure, but I just don't remember them right now.  What chapter books did you enjoy when you were younger?  Or which authors were your favorites?


  1. Judy Blume is a definite favorite! Other than that I just read anything and everything I could get my hands on blowing through the summer reading thing at the library within 2 weeks :) Ahhh to be young with time to read again

  2. Right?! I loved those summer reading programs! I also loved the Book It! program. Who doesn't like getting free pizza for reading? Hmm, maybe we'll start our own little Thorner Book It! Think it'll fly?