Friday, March 12, 2010

To-do Mania

Well, Wylie's rolled over about umpteen times since his first successful solo roll.  Chad finally saw him roll over last night (he didn't cooperate for daddy the night before), so he was really happy about that!  Wylie's also still working on those bottom teeth, and when I was feeling his gums for a progress-check, I discovered that gum tissue on his upper gums is feeling pretty rough now too.  Could he be getting ready to cut his top two front teeth shortly after he finishes his bottom ones??  Yikes.  Hopefully he's not a rough teether.  We've been pretty blessed so far.

Meanwhile, we're getting ready to head to Wisconsin next Friday and I just realized that I have a TON of laundry to do in preparation for that - all three of us are going to need clothes to wear, after all, and on top of that, Wylie's going to need bedding and towels.  Hopefully Chad's parents' friends can loan us some baby stuff while we're there so we don't have to cart everything through the airports with us.  Still waiting to hear back from her, but she offered, so I'm guessing we're in the clear with that.  After we get back from Wisconsin, Chad will have one day at home and then he leaves.  It's crazy - it totally snuck up on us.

Well, the baby calls, so it's time to get him up and feed him and change him so I can start on the out-of-house to-do list today.  Among those things are buying the supplies to make a diaper cake (wish me luck!).

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